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Building Science Analysis.

Building Science Analysis applies to new construction as well as existing buildings and homes. This overall analysis is an essential and often overlooked step in not only new construction but maintaining the quality of your existing home. Your home is a complex system made up of several different components all working together in synchronization. Each component affects another and when one or more systems fail or becomes less efficient, this will in turn affect other systems and ultimately the overall efficiency and quality of your home.

Through pre-construction Building Science Analysis, King Cole Construction will review construction documents (plans, specifications and details) to ensure that your project is not only being built using the highest quality standards, techniques and materials, but that your project is built with your future in mind. Through the use of proper construction techniques and materials the cost to maintain your home will be greatly reduced.

Building Science Analysis can and should also be conducted on existing homes. Over time, your home will begin to loose overall efficiency due to component or system failures. These failures are caused in several ways such as:

 - Aging mechanical, electrical or plumbing components - Causing additional utility costs and/or costly future repairs or total replacement of these systems. Regular

 - The aging of your homes structural and exterior components - When the structure or exterior components of your home begin to age and fail, your home becomes less efficient. For example, failing building materials such as windows and doors may allow for excessive air intrusion, which in turn causes higher utility costs and reduces the efficiency of your home systems causing overuse and early failure.

After conducting a thorough walkthrough and analysis of your home, and after proper examination of the structural and mechanical components of your home, we may be able to offer several cost saving options that will improve the quality of your home through the improvement of various failing systems.  

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