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King Cole Real Estate is a full service real estate advisement, acquisition and rental firm specializing in real estate acquisition, sales & planning and estate monitoring and management. Whether purchasing, selling, or expanding your real estate portfolio King Cole Real Estate is able to assist you in achieving your goals. 


We have worked diligently to build and maintain a sterling reputation and will continue to build loyalty and trust with honesty, integrity and a commitment to our future. 

Goals and Strategies


Purchacing and Selling Property

  • King Cole Real Estate can act as your guide through your real estate purchacing or selling process.  

    • Market analysis - through in depth market analysis King Cole Real Estate will make sure you get the best deal when purchacing or selling a property, and that no money is left on the table. 

    • Financing and mortgage aquisition - King Cole Real Estate has amazing relationships with some of the best local banks and mortgage brokers who can assist you in home financing, loans and mortgages so you get the very best rates available. 

    • Real estate brokers and agents - King Cole Real Estate works with a select group of real estate agents who can offer you the lowest real estate commision fees in the market. 

    • General Contarcting - King Cole Real Estate and Construction together can make sure you get the home of your dreams. Purchacing the right home for the right price and customizing it to your exact specifications is our specialty. We can help ypu determine if buying a fixeruper is the best decision for you. Purchasing a property that is in need of repairs is often a daunting undertaking. However, it is often a great way to customize that property to your needs within a budget while adding value and equity to the property. More often than not you can purchase and renovate a home to your exact specifications for much less than purchasing a new or “complete” home. King Cole Real Estate and Construction can help you determine if this is a good option for you. 


Rental Property​

  • King Cole Real Estate offers tenant turn over services and has a crew of professionals and cleaning staff able to perform tenant turn over services between rentals, guest stays, or before visits. Our staff will meticulously clean, organize and/or make repairs to your property so that the highest state of cleanliness is restored before and after every visit. We have the highest standard of professionalism and cleanliness and want our clients to expect nothing less. 

  • King Cole Real Estate also has numerous properties for rent. Please visit our Real Estate for Rent tab for further detail 

Owning Property

  • Whether buying, selling, renting or owing property, King Cole Real Estate is here to assist you.

  • King Cole Real Estate has a team of professionals willing and able to monitor or manage your properties. ​

  • Rentals - King Cole Real Estate can manage and monitor your rentals and keep them rented. We also have crews available to preform upkeep, general maintenance and offer tenant turn over services for your properties. ​

  • Residence - King Cole Real Estate has loyal, honest and trustworthy employees who can monitor your estate, primary home, or vacation home while not in use. From weekly walk through, property walk arounds, or nightly drive bys, you can ensure that your property is not only safely monitored but that no unforeseen issues go unattended such as leaks, bugs or other costly maintenance problems.

Company Profile.


King Cole Real Estate was born out of necessity. The owner of King Cole Real Estate, Cole Randolph started as a licensed Residential and Commercial contractor. After years in the construction business Cole found himself involved in hundreds of real estate transactions whether through purchasing and selling properties to flip, purchasing properties to hold as rental income or acting as a rental manager. 


Over several years of being involved in the real estate market Cole built a team of the most talented, hardworking, honest and trust worthy individuals in Louisiana. The relationships he has made, and that will be passed on to his customers are in all facets of real estate from banking professionals to mortgage brokers, loan professionals, real estate agents and designers.  

Success in the Real Estate Market starts with a team of trusted and honest professionals working to help you achieve your goals.

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