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Real Estate Acquisition and Planning. 


If you are planning on purchasing or selling property either as a primary residence, rental or other kind of investment you should speak to a professional to determine if the property in questions is the correct investment for you and how to maximize profits and/or value. 

Purchasing Property - 

Whether purchasing a new property or fixer upper, King Cole Real Estate is able to assist you in making the correct decision for you. Purchasing a property that is in need of repairs is often a daunting undertaking. However, it is often a great way to customize that property to your needs within a budget while adding value and equity to the property. More often than not you can purchase and renovate a home to your exact specifications for much less than purchasing a new or “complete” home. King Cole Real Estate and Construction can help you determine if this is a good option for you. 

Selling Property - 

Getting the maximum value for your property is the goal when selling you home. Often people do not want to put additional money into a home they are going to sell. However, in many instances a home renovation can dramatically increase the sales price of your home far beyond the cost of the renovation allowing the home owner to maximize their profit on the sale of their home. Through market analysis as well as construction and design planning, King Cole Real Estate and King Cole Construction can help you determine if you would benefit from home renovation or remodel prior to the sale of your home.

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