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King Cole Construction is a fully licensed residential, commercial, and mold remediation contractor. King Cole Construction specializes in kitchen, bath & full home remodels, commercial and residential renovations, additions, new construction, and also provides various additional maintenance and repair services to meet our client’s needs. We have a full service staff and work with only a select few licensed and insured subcontractors to ensure your job, big or small is completed timely and correctly. We strive to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of service while maintaining the highest quality standards, construction practices and techniques to ensure an enjoyable experience and complete customer satisfaction.

We have worked diligently to build and maintain a sterling reputation and will continue to build loyalty and trust with honesty, integrity and a commitment to our future. Please visit our website for additional information at

Goals and Strategies


Quality Construction

  • We assign a highly skilled, full-time, on-site project manager to each job to oversee quality workmanship for all phases of the project. We also pre-qualify all our sub contractors and require them to adhere to our time-tested Quality Control Program.


On Time

  • Ability to stay on or ahead of schedule is one of our claims to fame. Using state-of-the-art construction scheduling software, we maintain accurate, current schedules; avoid potential delays; and provide daily updates to the owner, architect and sub-contractors.


Within Budget

  • Through a meticulous process using experienced personnel and the latest techniques, we consistently estimate accurate costs and keep all our projects within budget. We provide life cycle cost analysis and value engineering to ensure a durable cost-efficient building.


Satisfied Clients and Owners

  • In the end it all comes down to client satisfaction, both immediate and long term. We strive to be a top-ranked construction company through our leadership among the building team of owner, architect, engineer and subcontractors. As any true leader, we strive to deliver a product that meets or exceeds all expectations.


Mold Remediation Contractor

License No.  250713

Residential Contractor

License No.  882584

Commercial Contractor

License No.  65501

Company Profile.


King Cole Construction is a Residential, Commercial, and Mold Remediation Contractor located in Metairie, Louisiana. King Cole Constriction specializes in remodels, additions, new construction, and provides various additional construction services to meet our clients needs.


The management at King Cole Construction continues to build the company into a thriving, highly successful operation. The greatest assets of the firm are the people who work for King Cole Construction


The majority of King Cole Construction’s work is either obtained through word of mouth, referrals, or is negotiated. This method of contracting has proven to be the preeminent way for King Cole Construction to get the finest jobs which fit our expertise.


The successful completion of each project - on time, within budget and with the highest quality standards is, and will continue to be a King Cole Construction  trademark. King Cole Construction management focuses on our impeccable working and personal relationships to allow for repeat business and client referrals which allow for our company’s success.


Risk Management, Safety and Health also play a vital roll in the business operations of King Cole Construction. We depend on a Safety Team concept of our Staff and our Subcontractors' Staff to achieve the highest possible level of safety performance every day on every jobsite, in our community and at home.

Striving for excellence in Safety and Health means that we have set the highest possible standards and goals for our Staff and Subcontractors who work with our team of construction professionals. Each year the team strives for zero accidents and will continue to move forward to reach that goal.


The future looks even brighter with new goals in Safety and Health Training; building from a foundation of diversified talents of our construction teams, and foster continued education excellence.


King Cole Construction hopes to play a key role in the evolution of the Louisiana infrastructure. Growing with the community, the company is capable of meeting the multidisciplinary needs of today's construction.


King Cole Construction hopes to set the pace for industry advances, continually investing in professional training, timesaving equipment, quality control methods, safety programs and studies to assure proficiency in every aspect of on-the-job performance.

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